Hiking Bike Winter Nature Family City & culture Pets. During your holiday, you can enjoy magnificent hiking in the Val Venosta to discover the majestic Mt. In Alta Val Venosta ci sono itinerari escursionistici per tutte le esigenze e a tutte le altitudini. Hiking in the Venosta Valley – Fun and Adventure, Matsch – South Tyrol’s top mountaineering village, Paarlbrot – Pair Bread from Venosta Valley. Categorisation according to physical fitness, technique, experience, and landscape allows you to filter individual tours ranging from exciting family hikes to challenging mountain treks for tenacious hikers. The family-friendly ski areas of the Val Venosta offer skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing fun – with snowmaking facilities, snow is guaranteed! To get an idea of some of the highlights, here is an overview of the best hiking routes in the area: Hiking friends are in their element in Val Venosta/Vinschgau. . Dosso di Peder, To the Forcella dell’Orso wind gap at Mt. They take you to holy fountains, mysterious baths, into deep gorges, around deep-blue lakes, and up to easy three-thousand-metre peaks. The Jagdhof hiking hotel is designed for being active and hiking in the Val Venosta region. Starting point: Malga di S. Valentino (Haider Alm) 2120m (chair lift from San Valentino) . The Val Venosta is as manifold as its hiking possibilities: You are spoilt for choice between a family picnic tour to the Three Holy Wells in Trafoi, a hike to the Resia Pass to see the source of the Adige river and a high alpine tour, e.g. We use cookies to ensure you receive the best user experience on our website. From the Val Monastero to Glorenza in the western Val Venosta, on the traces of the…, An easy hiking tour in the lower Val Venosta leads along the Latschander water…, In the Val Venosta, farmers can’t do without the water channels (”Waale”), which…, The Stundenweg trail connects the Son Jon Monastery in Müstair (Switzerland) with…, Luxurious relaxation & sophistication for adults only, The breathtaking mountain scenery at eye level. Castle Annaberg and Castle Coldrano: hike to the Sonnenberg. Experienced hikers looking for a challenge can plan a hiking tour consisting of several stages. Frequently Asked Questions . For families and pleasure hikers the nine stages can be seen as individual hiking tips for day tours. The newly created 360° Upper Vinschgau Valley is an adventure-packed circular hiking trail through the villages of the Upper Vinschgau Valley. VAT code: IT02654890215, The Punta Lyfi mountain (3,352 m a.s.l.) Alta Val Venosta/Vinschgauer Oberland area in a series of Tabacco maps at 1:25,000 covering the Dolomites and the mountains of north-eastern Italy - Stanfords’ most popular coverage for this region, with excellent cartography and extensive overprint for hiking routes and other recreational activities, local bus stops, etc. Hiking trails at all altitudes await you while hiking with children in Val Venosta/Vinschgau. to Mt. The new South Tyrol Trekking Guide guides you through South Tyrol's most beautiful hiking and trekking tours with detailed maps. Per una camminata tranquilla adatta anche ai bambini si possono scegliere i sentieri delle rogge o il sentiero panoramico a 360° a mezza costa. For families and pleasure hikers the nine stages can be seen as individual hiking tips for day tours. Close to our hiking hotel in Val Venosta/Vinschgau something special is beckoning: a hike on traffic-free Monte S. Vigilio/Vigljoch.From here a view of the Dolomites unfolds revealing Monte Macaion/Gantkofel and the three-thousanders of the Gruppo di Tessa/Texelgruppe. The holiday region of Val Venosta extends from the Reschenpass, where South Tyrol borders on Austria, to Castelbello. In the Val Venosta, farmers can’t do without the water channels (”Waale”), which irrigate their fields with the melt water of the glaciers in the Oetztal Alps. Immersed in the mountains of the Alta Val Venosta valley, Almhotel Glieshof is 5971 feet above sea level. After about an hour of travel on the Val Venosta Train, which offers beautiful views of this very special alpine valley and its villages, we arrive in Sluderno. And he wants to bring you along to show you the beauty of Val Venosta and share unique moments on the summits. The newly created 360° Upper Vinschgau Valley is an adventure-packed circular hiking trail through the villages of the Upper Vinschgau Valley. By continuing to browse our website, you consent to the use of cookies. . Suggestions for hiking enthusiasts. video : Ilswaal and Zaalwaal Waalweg paths, video : The dragon teeth of Pian dei Morti, Through the Lasa Valley to the Lasa Pastures, Via the Covelano Mountain Hut to Lake Covelano, From Montefranco to the Marzon Mountain Hut, From Lake Gioveretto to Mt. And this applies to the whole year! Sabine looks back on this extraordinary year and gives us her very personal summary – perceptively and full of confidence for the year to come. Castelbello-Ciardes (Kastelbell-Tschars) Show details difficult. Just hire a mountain guide! However, the most adventurous experience certainly is to climb "King Ortles", the highest peak in South Tyrol. The individual starting and ending points of all nine stages can be easily reached by public transport and hiking taxis (in the summer months). Mountain enthusiasts observe nature highlights through binoculars and enjoy a rest in an XXL hammock, on a wooden bench or in a giant toboggan.The hiking adventure is rounded off with spectacular views of the unique and enchanting landscape of Upper Vinschgau Valley with all its cultural and agricultural highlights. In the area of Mt. The family hiking trails of Val Venosta will help you explore the wonders of nature. Experienced in: November 2013 Tutte le informazioni, mappa, GPS-download, durata, dislivello, foto e valutazioni. A circular walk across the heath of Malles, on the traces of the Tyrolean granary. For families and pleasure hikers the nine stages can be seen as individual hiking tips for day tours. Excursion from Tarces to Sluderno, with a visit to the Museum of val Venosta. Our editorial staff is always committed to ensuring the highest quality and accuracy of the information we publish. With over 300 sunny days a year you enjoy ideal conditions during a hiking holiday in Val Venosta/Vinschgau, home of our holidays apartments in Ciardes/Tschars. Cookies are used on this website to improve its usage. If you have suggestions to improve this page you can send them to us using the form below. Without a doubt, Val Venosta is one of the most beautiful hiking areas in South Tyrol. 4:00 h. Distance. The Alta Via della Val Venosta (Vinschger Höhenweg) High Trail: Leg 1. Angelo Piccolo, Via Cengles to the Marble Railway of Lasa, To the anemone blossom in the Roia Valley, From Resia to the source of the Adige river, Along the Vallelunga Glacier Education Path, On the Wormision Trail to the Stelvio Pass, Hours’ Trail - from monastery to monastery. His eyes are shine when he talks about his unforgettable treks in the mountains. Walking along traditional irrigation channels end enjoying the beautiful scenery. Discovering the mountains Beautiful hikes in Val Venosta. Exploring the Val Venosta Excursions to the summits and trekking in Alto Adige Fans of mountaineering will find everything their heart desires here: majestic peaks of over 3000m such as Palla Bianca, numerous itineraries at high altitude and breathtaking panoramas. 100 m Altitude level: between 1,670 and 1,730 m a.s.l. Thank you in advance! The Val Venosta is as manifold as its hiking possibilities: You are spoilt for choice between a family picnic tour to the Three Holy Wells in Trafoi, a hike to the Resia Pass to see the source of the Adige river and a high alpine tour, e.g. ↓ 330m approx. Hiking in Glorenza ★ No doubt about it: hiking routes are fun. The mild climate, the versatile scenery, and the perfectly marked trails make of your hiking holiday in Val Venosta/Vinschgau a unique experience all year round. The ample sunshine, the mild temperatures and the unique and contrasting vegetation of Monte Sole in Val Venosta and Monte Tramontana ensure unforgettable experiences for seasoned hikers or … If wanderlust has a name, then it’s the Pirhofers. After a long winter period in the Val Roia at 2,000 m a.s.l., the European pasque…, “Limit experience” between the Italian Val Venosta valley, the Austrian Inntal…, The Passo Slingia is the most important pass in the Sesvenna mountains: The…, The largest lake of South Tyrol is surrounded by a 15 km long promenade, ideal for…, This high alpine hiking tour leads us to a wonderful panoramic mountain peak at…, Mountain lakes, moraines and impressive peaks characterise the landscape in the…, Our short hike leads us to the source of the Adige river: It rises on the Passo…, The church Tre Fontane Sacre (Three Holy Wells) in the beautiful Val Venosta valley…, Easy walk along the High Altitude path of the Val Venosta, along the sunny slopes…, A circular walk along the Waalweg paths in Sluderno leads from Castel Coira down…, Easy walk along the Alta Via Venosta, from S. Martino al Monte across the colourful…, Whether in spring, summer or autumn - this section of the Val Venosta High Route is…, The Palla Bianca mountain (Weißkugel) is the second highest mountain in the Ötztal…, Alpine mountain tour from the Rifugio Forcola above Trafoi to the Cima Garibaldi…, At the head of the Val Martello valley, an interesting nature trail proceeds until…, Already in primeval times, it was considered an important way to traverse the Alps…. All together there are 30 hikes that you can choose from. Chestnut groves, orchard slopes, mixed and coniferous forests as well as lush green pastures alternate: the historic sites and unique vegetation is … If you ask the ‘Piris’ what they like to do best, you will get a lot of answers. Walk: 8km / 3 hours approx. The Alta Via Val Venosta connects different stops along the Monte Sole. Hiking around the DolceVita Hotel Jagdhof. You can find detailed information on the interactive map. Here you find the answers! Splendid scenery, delicious food and the very welcoming Glieshof team made this a perfect stay! Corona, lockdown, restart – 2020 was a year to remember! Hikers break through the silence with the ringing of cow bells, elicit a wonderful echo of the forest with a wooden xylophone and enjoy fabulous views of the mountain world of Upper Vinschgau Valley from the 4-meter-high adventure swing. Tramontana, the flowered slopes of Mt. is a rewarding mountain tour in the heart…, Circular hike from Planol to the Malga Planol mountain hut and via the valley path…, With view on the marble quarry we hike into the inner Lasa Valley to the Upper Lasa…, Crisp hiking tour on the Monte Tramontana in the Val Venosta valley: To the…, The Upisee lake (also Lake Upia) is situated at an altitude of about 2,550 m a.s.l.…, In the Val Venosta valley, above Castelbello, the small mountain village of…, The Prete Lakes are a true natural jewel in the upper Val Venosta valley at 2,240 m…, This hike is a simple summit victory in the Val Martello valley with a wonderful…, This circular walk takes us to historic places on the Monte Sole in the Val Venosta…, The Malga di Tarres is considered the highlight in the area of Laces in the Val…, Starting at Tablà near Naturno we walk through meadows and woods at the lower Monte…, The Val di Solda and Val Martello valleys are both located at the feet of the…, This mountain hike via the Tabaretta mountain hut to the Forcella dell’Orso…, From the valley bottom up to the Val Martello High Route, to the Schluder Alm…, A nice high route connects the two alpine pastures above the Lake Resia and Lake…, The lake district in the back Val di Mazia valley (Matscher Tal), straight beneath…, Alpine tour from the mountain station of the Pulpito chair lift via the Rif.…, A discovery tour in the surrounding of Lasa: Today we enjoy a varied day-walk on…, At the Monte Sole mountain near Silandro, a golden autumn day can be splendidly…, The idyllic Lago Zirmtal lake is named after the huge Swiss pine population in this…, The Valle di Silandro valley reaches from Silandro to the Punta Rems mountain in…, This little mountain tour in the rear Valle di Martello takes us to the Rifugio…, A nice tour in spring while the apple blossom: Paths through meadows lead us…, Easy walk through the untouched gorge of the Adige river from Lasa to Covelano and….